Daisy Producer

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What is it?

Daisy Producer is a system to help you manage the production process of accessible media. It assumes that you are transforming the content from hard copy or any electronic format to DTBook XML. Once you have the DTBook XML the Daisy Pipeline and liblouis can be used to generate Daisy Talking Books, Large Print and Braille in a fully automated way.

Daisy producer mainly tracks the status of the transformation process and helps you manage your artifacts that are needed in the transformation process.

For the generation of accessible media Daisy Producer offers a nice interface however the work is essentially done by the Daisy Pipeline and liblouis.


Daisy Producer comes with built in documentation. See the Help link in your installation.


The slides from the presentation at the Daisy 2009 technical conference and a paper about Daisy Producer are available.


No release has been produced as of yet. Get the source directly from the repository.


Development of Daisy Producer is done in git. See the github project pages for instructions on how to get the source code.